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What Are These ?
These are conglomeration of particular information about the individuals linked to Bikaner, specially meant to bring a sense of togetherness among all the Bikanerites living in or outside Bikaner. These are

Note: Some visitors get confused with RealBikaner Services and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Both the services are different and need separate login. Your login Id at RealBikaner Email can not be used for RealBikaner Services.

RealBikaner Address Book : The address book is kept for Bikanerites to search other fellow Bikanerites settled around the globe and get their addresses with a minimum effort. Hereby we keep the record of all the Bikanerites settled in Bikaner,in
any other Indian city or in some other country. You can search your old friends / relatives by just typing in the name or you can select any Indian city or another country and get total addresses, phone numbers, email-ids of Bikanerites living in that part of the world. One can add his address as well as his friends and relatives. More help...
Address Book is divided in three zones. 

  • Bikaner Zone: If you are residing in Bikaner then fill your entry in Bikaner Zone. You need not to mention your city, state and country in the address line. 
  • India Zone: If you are residing in any other city in India, then fill your entry in India Zone. In India Zone first you will have to select state and in next form select your city and fill your entry. You need not to mention your state, country in your address line. If your city is not listed in RealBikaner Address Book, then click on add your city . Only registered user of RealBikaner Services are allowed to add their city.
  • Overseas Zone: If you are residing abroad, then fill your entry in Overseas Zone. If your country is not listed in RealBikaner Address Book, then click on add your country . Only registered user of RealBikaner Services are allowed to add their country.

RealBikaner Email Directory : The email directory is a tailor made search engine to search emails of Bikanerites. . Here you can make people know about the email-id at which you currently and most often check your mails. Plus you can get the email-ids of your friends and relatives in just a moment. Only those person's email-ids can be searched who have registered themselves in RealBikaner Email Directory.

RealBikaner School / College Alumni : If you think that the friends of your golden days are lost then you have been proved wrong by this facility in which if you have registered then anybody, anywhere can find you by just selecting the school/ college and year of passing and find your current email-id.

RealBikaner Online Hotel Reservation : This service is meant for hoteliers of the dune-city as well as the tourists approaching the city. Hereby tourists can book any hotel in Bikaner sitting anywhere on the earth and hoteliers can check the bookings. Any hotelier can check bookings of only his hotel. Every hotelier has his account in RealBikaner Services and given his own password. He can change his password any time. The aim of the service is to attract more and more tourist to the city. 

RealBikaner Yellow Pages : This is a facility for growth of the business and enterprises in Bikaner. The form is now available with direct link from home page. You all can have your business listing in RealBikaner Yellow Pages for free. Fill the form to add your entry.

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