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Rulers of Erstwhile Bikaner State

Rao Lunkaran Ji

Abridge Information

Genealogical  Order3rd
Date of birthMagh Sudi 10th S. 1526 A.D. 1470
Date of AccessionPhagun Badi 4th S. 1561 A.D. 1505
Age at Accession35 years
Date of DemiseSawan Badi 4th S. 1583 A.D. 1526
Period of Reign21 yrs. 5 months
Age56 yrs. 5 months

After the death of Rao Naroji, Rao Lunkaranji ascended the throne. Rao Lunkaranji defeated the chieftains, who in blatant defiance of his authority, rose in rebellion. He trounced Man Singh Chauhan of Dadrewa after siege lasting seven months and invaded Fatehpur in 1512 A.D annexing 120 villages of that territory. The warrior king never lost any battle. He was succeeded by his eldest son  Rao Jaitsi. The most important event in his reign was the defeat of Kamran (Babar's Second son) who was marched from Bhatner to Bikaner with a large army.


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